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We are a new online education company. We specialize in providing practice questions for students aspiring to succeed in various competetive exams. We call these practice sets as Practice2Succeed.® Currently we are launching with our first product, practice set for NEET examinations. We will subsequently launch Practice2Succeed® set for JEE, and 18 more competetive exams. These exams are national as well as international level. We are looking for nationwide resellers for our online practice products. As an exclusive reseller, you will be authorized to market and sell our products online and/or offline.

Who can apply?

Bookstore owners

If you own a bookstore that sells examination books, you could be a great reseller for us. There is ZERO upfront investment for you. Moreover, you charge directly from your customer, there is no risk of your margin not getting paid ! We have made it really lucrative for you.

Be part of our Practice2Succeed® re-seller program

Coaching institutes

If you run a medium size or small size coaching institute, you will benefit immensely from our reseller programs. You can offer thousands of online practice questions for your students, helping you compete with bigger, national players You could earn extra while providing best benefits to your students.

Be part of our Practice2Succeed® re-seller program

Teachers for NEET subjects

As a teacher, you always want your students to succeed, and myquestionbox brings to them a large number of question set for practice. Our Practice2Succeed® is set of thousands of practice questions that your students will need. Not just that, as our reseller, you will get payouts as per our reseller plans, making an extra income for you .

Be part of our Practice2Succeed® re-seller program


Schools can be one stop success resource for students. If you are a school with students appearing for NEET and other competetive exams, you can join hands with us.

Be part of our Practice2Succeed® re-seller program


Whether you are medical student currently, or a housewife, or a retired person, or a young enthusiatic soul wanting to create a steady set of income, you are welcome to be part of our

Be part of our Alternate career reseller program

So whats the next step?

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