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Chapter-wise Practice questions for NEET, valid for 400 days. Suitable for students in class 12th, covers topics from class 11 and class 12. Provides progress bars by subject, by chapter. BONUS : previous years questions papers absolutely free !


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Chapter-wise Practice questions for NEET, valid for 2 years. Best for students studying in class 11, covers all topics class 11 & 12. With progress bars by subject, by chapter. BONUS : Free previous years questions papers !


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Secret to Success

What is secret for success in any field ? Including NEET ? Remember, no one ever became a great athlete, or a great vocalist, or a great doctor, without hours and hours of practice every day. It takes serious practicing for months and years, to be great. Start practicing now, check out our courses here.

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Harvard Business Review, The making of an expert, K. Anders Ericsson , Michael J. Prietula and Edward T. Cokely, 2007

“Benjamin Bloom, a professor of education at the University of Chicago, published a landmark book, Developing Talent in Young People, which examined the critical factors that contribute to talent. He took a deep retrospective look at the childhoods of 120 elite performers who had won international competitions or awards in fields ranging from music and the arts to mathematics and neurology. Surprisingly, Bloom’s work found no early indicators that could have predicted the virtuosos’ success. Subsequent research indicating that there is no correlation between IQ and expert performance in fields such as chess, music, sports, and medicine has borne out his findings. So what does correlate with success? One thing emerges very clearly from Bloom’s work: All the superb performers he investigated had practiced intensively, had studied with devoted teachers, and had been supported enthusiastically by their families throughout their developing years. Later research building on Bloom’s pioneering study revealed that the amount and quality of practice were key factors in the level of expertise people achieved.”

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Harvard Business Review, Learning Is a Learned Behaviour. Here’s How to Get Better at It., Ulrich Boser, May 02, 2018

“A growing body of research is making it clear that learners are made, not born. Through the deliberate use of practice and dedicated strategies to improve our ability to learn, we can all develop expertise faster and more effectively. In short, we can all get better at getting better.”

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Extra hard work today will get you that doctor white coat. And this coat can’t be bought. You have to earn it. With hours of practice, this could be yours ! So every time you feel tired, or feel like giving up, imagine yourself in this coat, and come back to practice more!

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